Where to eat in Havana (1)

Fidel Castro’s Private Chef Reveals the Best Restaurants Everyone who plans a trip to Cuba gets the same advice: you’ll love the country but hate the food. Between ingredient shortages, import restrictions, and a lack of Internet connectivity to help people find local gems, the Cuban food scene is legitimately difficult to navigate. With that […]

US citizens can finally visit Cuba but many aren’t

A less-forbidden Cuba isn’t selling. Airlines salivated when the US and Cuba agreed to restore commercial flights to the island in late 2015 after more than five decades, and make it easier for many Americans to visit the island, part of the diplomatic thaw between the two nations. All major US carriers signed up to serve […]

Havana has seen the highest increase online

As 2016 brought an easing of travel restrictions between the US and Cuba, Havana has seen the highest year-over-year increase in online searches for 2017, according to one travel company. The Cuban capital has seen a 191% increase in searches on Kayak, which has named it the top trending destination in the company’s 2017 Travel Hacker report. The surge in interest […]

‘It’s the soul of Santiago’: How to dance the conga in Cuba (english)

by: telegraph.co.uk On the sizzling streets of Santiago de Cuba, the reedy wail of a Chinese trumpet pierces the sultry air. Its distinctive sound heralds one of the most vibrant displays of music, colour, drumming and hip-swivelling in the Caribbean – the conga, performed at festivals throughout the year and at the city’s annual carnival. “It’s […]