IMF says Caribbean fears over Cuba tourism may be misplaced

WASHINGTON, United States (CMC) — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says fears by Caribbean countries that the opening up of United States-Cuba tourism could seriously impact the sector in the region “may be misplaced”.In a Working Paper titled “Revisiting the Potential Impact to the Rest of the Caribbean from Opening US-Cuba Tourism”, the authors found […]

Go over the east of Cuba (4)

Rio Miel (Honey river), in Baracoa Are you tired of salt, of “living water” (jellyfish) and do not want to go very far? So, this is the right place. Walking east along the main beach while the city of Baracoa is left behind, you come to the “Rio Miel”. This river is surrounded by wooden bridges […]

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Playa Managua, a paradise of natural beauty Playa Maguana is a kilometer-long tropical beach about 20km north of the city of Baracoa. It is from these places that it is easy to fall short with the adjectives, surrounded as it is by palm trees, and with the magnificent protection it has of the reef, the color […]

Book a trip to the Cuban city that time forgot

City Guide: Why you need to visit Havana Cuba is changing. Several years ago, trade and travel embargoes were relaxed and, now, tourists can freely travel to a country that is – to all extents and purposes – still living around 50 years in the past. But modern cars and music are sneaking in – […]

Iberostar abre en Varadero su hotel número 15 en Cuba (Spanish)

El Bella Vista Varadero es un hotel Premium Gold de categoría cinco estrellas, propiedad de la empresa de turismo estatal cubana “Gaviota”, administrada por las Fuerzas Armadas de la isla. La cadena hotelera española Iberostar Hotels&Resorts abrió un nuevo hotel en el balneario de Varadero, el polo turístico de sol y playas más importante de […]

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Toa river The Toa River is the largest in Cuba with 31 cubic meters per second. The river is one of the best preserved of the country due to the relative isolation of the zone where it is nailed, highly protected. Surrounded by the best preserved tropical forests of the insular Caribbean, it is an […]

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Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba Destroyed by flames several times; coveted by corsairs and pirates; Victim of earthquakes and lashed by hurricanes, today stands the cathedral of this cuban city as one of the most beautiful and ancient places of the city of Santiago de Cuba. It houses the Archdiocesan Museum Monsignor Enrique Pérez Serantes, […]

Importante información (spanish only)

Qué puedes y qué no puedes importar cuando viajas a Cuba El portal y la página de FACEBOOK de la Aduana General de la República de Cuba publicó hace dos días una actualización detallada sobre los productos que están permitidos entrar a la isla y los que no. I- Todos los pasajeros pueden importar: Además […]

Cuba is adding seven new hotels in 2017

The trend is clear: more visitors are flocking to Cuba, making it the second most travelled to destination in the Caribbean. In 2016 Cuba welcomed more than 4 million tourists, an increase of nearly 14.5% compared to 2015.  And that’s after Cuba received 3.5 million visitors in 2015, which was up 17.4% from 2014. To capitalize […]

Where to eat in Havana (4)

Fidel Castro’s Private Chef Reveals the Best Restaurants Everyone who plans a trip to Cuba gets the same advice: you’ll love the country but hate the food. Between ingredient shortages, import restrictions, and a lack of Internet connectivity to help people find local gems, the Cuban food scene is legitimately difficult to navigate. With that […]