Cashing in on Cuba: Why the US tourism industry isn’t waiting for Congress to lift the embargo

By Angelo Young / Cuba Libre? It took capitalist motives to beat the embargo and make travel to the communist country a reality When Juan Santamarina’s two uncles from Cuba recently visited the U.S. for the first time, the travel experience was exceptionally … unexceptional. “It was a pretty simple process to get their five-year visas, as […]


Cheap and Deep: Immerse yourself in Havana, Cuba on a budget

By Kade Krichko/ Cuba has a timeless mystique, and nothing typifies that more than its capital city of Havana. Yes, there are the old American cars, the rum and the cigars, but it goes deeper than that for the Cheap and Deep crew. A growing tourist destination still firmly rooted in socialism, Cuba has two currencies […]


Cuba es el nuevo destino de moda, si se cumple con las reglas (spanish)

De las 10 aerolíneas a las cuales se les han otorgado rutas desde los Estados Unidos, American es la más grande. Poco después del viaje inaugural de JetBlue del mes próximo, anunció que su primer vuelo saldrá de Miami rumbo a Cienfuegos el 7 de septiembre. El Congreso prohíbe desde 1960 a los turistas estadounidenses […]


Welcome to Eventos PALCO: Fairs and exhibitions calendar

Eventos Palco is the website of the Division for Congress, Fair and Exhibition Organization belonging to PALCO Business Group. Its purpose is to provide basic information on the events held and organized in the Havana International Conference Center (HICC) and encourage participation. The original thing about the site is that it offers the opportunity of […]


‘It’s the soul of Santiago’: How to dance the conga in Cuba (english)

by: On the sizzling streets of Santiago de Cuba, the reedy wail of a Chinese trumpet pierces the sultry air. Its distinctive sound heralds one of the most vibrant displays of music, colour, drumming and hip-swivelling in the Caribbean – the conga, performed at festivals throughout the year and at the city’s annual carnival. “It’s […]