Havana to Viñales: a classic Cuban road trip

The Malecon comes alive at sunset. This broad ribbon of cement curves around Havana’s waterfront, and as the sun wanes, the sky turns pink and the road is washed in coppery gold light. Orderly rows of fishermen perch on the sea wall, chatting as they cast their lines and hoping for a haul of bonito […]

Gran Teatro de La Habana Calendar

Programming for the months of June and July Live performance are usually from Friday to Sunday Friday and Saturday the show starts @ 8:30PM  & Sunday @5:00PM June 2 – 4/ “Carmen x 2”. Spaniard ballet of Cuba June 9 – 11/ “Carmen”. Camagüey Ballet June 16 – 18/ Combined program. National School of Ballet 23 […]

If you’re visiting Cuba, here’s an easy day trip

The lush Viñales Valley in western Cuba exudes natural beauty with its steep-sided limestone mountains, caves and rich, reddish soil where tobacco for Cuba’s famous cigars is grown. Only about a 2 ½-hour drive from Havana, Viñales is an easy day trip if you’re visiting Cuba, a chance to take in the scenery and visit […]

¿Qué artículos puedes entrar en Cuba sin tener que pagar? (spanish)

Este tema muy importante para todos aquellos desean visitar la isla. Marazul tomó del blog Asesoría Legal y Sociedad esta valiosa información. Las normas para la importación de mercancías con carácter no comercial a Cuba que entraron en vigor a partir del primero de septiembre de 2014 no afectan para nada a los 40 kg que pueden traer los viajeros […]

Cuba’s New Luxury Hotels Look to Lure Waves of U.S. Tourists

In Havana’s Parque Central, shady stone benches and graceful palm trees beckon to mojito-sipping tourists and locals gathering to shoot the breeze. The gathering spot, in the center of town, is surrounded by horse-drawn carriages and long lines of colorful finned-and-chromed 1950s cars. But more utilitarian vehicles have recently begun circling the square: construction equipment […]

Holguín abre sus puertas a FitCuba 2017 (spanish)

Con la importante noticia de que en el día de hoy Cuba alcanzó la cifra de dos millones de turistas, 39 días antes de lo planificado, quedó inaugurada oficialmente la XXXVII Edición de la Feria Internacional de Turismo (FitCuba 2017), la primera que se realiza en el oriente cubano. La Doctora Armgard Wippler, directora de […]

IMF says Caribbean fears over Cuba tourism may be misplaced

WASHINGTON, United States (CMC) — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says fears by Caribbean countries that the opening up of United States-Cuba tourism could seriously impact the sector in the region “may be misplaced”.In a Working Paper titled “Revisiting the Potential Impact to the Rest of the Caribbean from Opening US-Cuba Tourism”, the authors found […]

Go over the east of Cuba (4)

Rio Miel (Honey river), in Baracoa Are you tired of salt, of “living water” (jellyfish) and do not want to go very far? So, this is the right place. Walking east along the main beach while the city of Baracoa is left behind, you come to the “Rio Miel”. This river is surrounded by wooden bridges […]

Go over the east of Cuba (3)

Playa Managua, a paradise of natural beauty Playa Maguana is a kilometer-long tropical beach about 20km north of the city of Baracoa. It is from these places that it is easy to fall short with the adjectives, surrounded as it is by palm trees, and with the magnificent protection it has of the reef, the color […]

Book a trip to the Cuban city that time forgot

City Guide: Why you need to visit Havana Cuba is changing. Several years ago, trade and travel embargoes were relaxed and, now, tourists can freely travel to a country that is – to all extents and purposes – still living around 50 years in the past. But modern cars and music are sneaking in – […]