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The last few years has shown a significant increase in High School groups traveling to Cuba. We’ve established relationships with many of the top secondary institutions in Cuba, and can create custom itineraries to fit the needs of any client. We have expert guides that focus on the safety and wellbeing of the students, as much as they due on the topics and content provided. We provide various housing options such as; dorm style accommodations, Casas Particulares and Hotel options. Cuba is home to one of the best educational systems in the world, and their secondary school system is a model for other nations. Let us create a unique experience for you and your students. Contact us for more details!


Since its beginning, Marazul has worked with Professional Associations of every type to promote the exchange of professionals in the United States with their counterparts in Cuba. We work with Professional Associations and Organizations focused in fields including, but not limited to, Health and Medical, Education, Travel, Community-based, Science, Technology, Business and Art.

Benefits to arranging your Cuba programs with us:

  • Marazul knows how to navigate the tumultuous waters of the regulations of both countries and have years of proven experience and success
  • We work with all of the authorized Cuban Tour Operators (as per Cuban regulations) and have all necessary contracts and licensing
  • We have relationships and access to Professionals in all areas of Cuban Society, allowing us to offer the highest levels of exchange with your counterparts in the field
  • We are experts in programming and logistics in all cities and areas across the island
  • Due to special long-term relationships with Cuban hotels, institutions and our partners in Cuba we can offer the best selection of programming at competitive costs
  • Marazul is a co-founder of RESPECT, a new association promoting ethical and responsible Cuba Travel, which is highly regarded by Cuba and the travel community
  • We have an ear to the ground in Cuba- we provide real-time information that give you the best knowledge available to be relevant to and service your members or clientele
  • Our professional, multi-national and bilingual staff offer continuous communication and support in all levels of travel arrangements.
  • Marazul has a team on the ground in Cuba at all times, providing expert knowledge and on-the-ground assistance and support in crisis or otherwise
  • We have good relationships and special contracts with the airlines servicing Cuba and can work with you to find the best fit in schedule, policy, cost and timeline.

Over the years, Marazul has successfully partnered with many top Travel Companies that desire to either start their Cuba operation or continue their Cuba operation with us. We understand the ‘what, where and how’ of travel to Cuba and can secure your Cuba operation from beginning to end, as your wholesaler Cuba experts and partners.


Marazul has a department that works exclusively with religious organizations and institutions; such as Pastors for Peace among others. We create exclusive programming for groups interested in:

  • The Jewish community in Cuba.
  • Catholic, episcopal, evangelical, and others.
  • The Muslim community in Cuba and more.

We have deep ties with many religious leaders, and have worked with various institutions, helping collect donations, relief efforts, humanitarian work, etc.