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Flight Schedule

Marazul operates its own direct flights from Miami to Havana, Camaguey, and Santa Clara and we can also assist and arrange flights to/from other existing destinations. We may also arrange private charter flights to fit your travel needs.



Flight Number Date Origin Destination Check In Door Departure Time Arrival Time


For travelers on the Charter flights from Miami, the cost for the medical insurance is included in the airfare.

Interline Agreement (Subject to approval and availability). In almost all cases, reserving the same charter carrier in both directions will mean the least expensive fare. For travel to/from Cuba using combined Charter companies, contact Marazul for up to date interline agreements. Flight schedule is subject to change without notice. Please contact our office to confirm flight schedule

Note: Information is subject to change and may do so without prior notice. Marazul cannot be held responsible.
44 lbs free of charge
$2 per lb over the first 44 lbs
$20 per piece of luggage beginning with the first piece of luggage
Boxes and irregularly shaped luggage will be charged at $3 per lb plus $20 per piece
No piece of luggage may weigh over 70 lbs