Nestled between the Escambray Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, Trinidad enjoys a phenomenal location. Bobbing in the azure waters of Playa Ancón , just 12 km from the city center, it’s easy to understand why sugar barons decided to set up shop in Trinidad.

Founded in 1514 by Conquistador Velázquez , Trinidad – with its colonial baroque architecture and quaint, pastel-colored houses with red tiled roofs – feels like it’s cast in amber.

Among the handful of museums in Trinidad, Museo Romántico stands out. It overlooks the town’s main square, the Plaza Mayor and features an excellent exhibition of romantic style porcelain, glass, paintings and decorative furniture, dating from 1830.

The Museo Histórico Municipal (also called Casa Cantero) is another interesting museum explaining the extraordinary history of the region. Probably one of the most photographed towers of Trinidad is the former 18th-century Convento de San Francisco .

Trinidad’s nightlife is a manageable mix of places to dance and hear traditional music. One popular place is La Canchánchara. Housed in a mansion dating from 1723, it’s named after a regional drink made from lemon juice, honey and rum, served in glazed ceramic pots. Meanwhile, the terrace of the Casa de la Música is a great place to enjoy a beer or a mojito under the sun or dancing to a live band at night.

Casa de la Trova offers excellent live Cuban music in an open-air patio, while Afro Cuban dance and music can be found at Palenque de los Congos Reales .

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