Fidel Castro’s Private Chef Reveals the Best Restaurants

Everyone who plans a trip to Cuba gets the same advice: you’ll love the country but hate the food. Between ingredient shortages, import restrictions, and a lack of Internet connectivity to help people find local gems, the Cuban food scene is legitimately difficult to navigate. With that in mind, we asked one of Fidel Castro’s private chefs  to open up his little black book to Havana, where restaurants are most plentiful and travelers more likely to visit first. These are the places, he suggests, that will redeem his home town’s culinary cred once and for all.


Concordia No.418 /Gervasio y Escobar Centro Habana (+53) 78 66 90 47 The setting feels as authentically Cuban as they come: a chandeliered dining room on the third floor of a crumbling mansion, with original tile and mismatched antique chairs. Request a table on the new rooftop deck, which overlooks the entire old city, and order the roasted chicken. The Cuban classic is elevated with a drizzle of honey, an ingredient that’s hard to come by in this corner of the world. Source: Elisa Richardson / bloomger Photos:

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