Cuban interest section press release
December 10, 2014 Cuban Interest Section press release

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Marazul hails new cuban policy

Marazul is the U.S. oldest and most experienced Charter & Travel Agency to Cuba. Since 1979, we have sent more than 300,000 licensed travelers to Cuba for academic, intellectual, cultural, scientific, humanitarian, and religious exchange.   Marazul offers a wide variety of services to our clients. As a charter and travel agency, our goal is to make each of our client's trips as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.   Marazul has its own direct flights from Miami to Havana and Camaguey and can also arrange flights from Miami, New York and many other cities to Cuba.   The current U.S. restrictions on travel apply to all citizens and permanent residents of the US no matter from what country you travel and no matter if you hold citizenship from another country as well.




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